Let’s Meet at Room 3 Nine for lunch.

Room 3 Nine logoYup, I said Room 3 Nine…for lunch! I know — the first time I learned about this I was a little bit shocked as well. I had no idea this downtown weekend hotspot is also a downtown lunch spot. And surprisingly enough it’s pretty dang good.

Let me back up first and say it’s the quite the opposite of my intention to only write about, support, and patron downtown Orlando restaurants and venues. However, I live, work and play downtown so it’s very convenient for me to hit-up the surrounding commerce. That being said, there is a limited “supply” of downtown commerce, so you’ll definitely see more from the outlying areas.

Room 3 Nine image ii So back to “3 Nine.” While many of my work colleagues go there a little more frequently than I prefer to (it’s conveniently located one block from our office), I must admit the food is good, affordable, and [typically] served-up quickly. It really is one of the more perfect spots for a downtown lunch, especially considering most of the other nearby places take a substantially longer time to serve their food. At Room 3 Nine you’ll find healthy sandwiches, unique salads, various soups, and some of the best friggin’ sweet tea (I’m somewhat of an expert, being a Southern boy and all) in the Central Florida area.

If you’re considering checking-out Room 3 Nine I advise you to visit their website. It hosts a wealth of information; I was actually a little shocked at how well-put together this little business’s website. You’ll find standard information like upcoming events, photos, and venue contact information. The thing I really like about their site is they post their menu (as far as I can tell it’s current; I recommend the El Paso salad).

Here’s a screenshot of their site homepage:

Room 3 Nine website

All-in-all I am a fan of lunch at Room 3 Nine. There is one thing I have to mention, that is a drawback for me personally: the music. During the lunch hour there is blaring, often monotonous jazz music playing overhead. Now, I don’t mind jazz music but this specific style is more-often-than-not quite a turnoff. Just be warned!

** Stay-tuned for a future post from klynn75 on Room 3 Nine as seen in the evening. **


2 thoughts on “Let’s Meet at Room 3 Nine for lunch.

  1. Tinkerbellkim:

    Me too, me too! I totally wish you were still downtown. Maybe when baby Gavin comes into the world and you’re on leave from work, you guys can come visit me during the week and we can go grab a bite to eat!

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