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Looking for things to do in Orlando can often be challenging. Particularly when you live in a city that’s so centered around the tourism industry. One of the great things about starting this blog is it’s afforded an opportunity to “step out” and look for new things. And quite honestly I didn’t realize what a gem we have right under our noses, in the Orlando Science Center, until I went to see Bodies…The Exhibition last year. Now don’t roll your eyes or turn up your noses just yet. Orlando Science Center truly is an educational and entertaining place to visit.

Right now there are several exhibits that are interesting and worthy of a visit:

Titanic - The Experience imageTitanic -The Experience:
Yes, you guessed it. This is a live-action, complete-with-actors recreation of the world’s most famous disaster ship. It’s currently in a limited engagement. Aside from the obvious focus on the disaster itself, the exhibit explores the depths of the ocean as well. Now I’m willing to give this a try but for some reason I just can’t shake the image of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet surrounded by a supporting choir.

Robots imageRobots:
Currently scheduled to appear through May 11th, this exhibit sounds awesome! If you’ve ever seen the movie Robots, its stars host this exhibit about how robots have influenced our history, and how they are going to impact our future. I think this feature should be quite interesting, especially since technology is growing at such a rapid rate.

High School Musical imageHigh School Musical:
Now, I’m pretty much out-of-the-loop on the High School Musical craze. Granted, I’m aware of it, but I just don’t understand what all the rage is. But I can recognize when someone is smart enough to capitalize on something that’s “hot,” and that’s exactly what the science center–and nearby Grammercy Theatre–is doing. This full production is actually cast with talent from the Central Florida pool but if you haven’t caught the show yet, you’re pretty much outta luck. The final show is a 2:00pm today.

There are other exhibits featured but I won’t bore you by listing them all. You’ll have to visit their official website to find out more. As you would expect it’s filled with lots of great information including upcoming exhibits, membership information, camps for kids during school breaks, hours and admission prices, and more.

So what do you think? Are you going to give it a shot? Go ahead…expand your mind and have fun while doing it!

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