Wanna Meet-Up?

Have you ever wanted to find fellow Orlando-ans with similar interests to yours, but you don’t really know where to look? About the only place I could think of until now is Orlando Weekly, but in doing that you run the risk of getting caught-up in the raunchy ads in the back. Don’t act like you don’t know which ones I’m referring to! But Meetup.com has made things much, much easier…and without the smut-brush.

Quite simply put in their tagline:

Whatever your interest.
Wherever you are.

Meetup.com logoIt doesn’t get any simpler than that. Well, until you’re looking for groups to join. And in this day-and-age when we’re moving at warp speed, and living most of our lives online, why not look for folks to meetup with online? Now I have to be honest and say I haven’t personally utilized Meetup.com to join any groups, but in looking over their site it should be a breeze. You’ll have to peruse the site to search for your own personal interests, where you’ll find the site segmented by (to name a few):

• Arts
• Cultures & Community
• Groups & Associations
• Hobbies
• Parenting
• Religion
• Work & Career

Aside from also listing the newest meetup groups that’ve been created, the largest groups are also highlighted. Surely there’s something that appeals to everyone in the top 100! Here are some of the current largest groups: Orlando Mix & Mingle Club, The Orlando Wine Meetup Group, The Orlando Night Life Meetup Group, and The Orlando Meditation Meetup Group.

Several things I really dig about the Meetup.com site:
1. Groups are broken down by cities so if you’re not technically in the Orlando city limits you can find meet-ups where you live.
2. If you’re part of a Meetup group and you run a website or blog, you can proudly tell your readers by posting a customized badge on your site.
3. You can meet the Meetup team. Well, sort of. Profiles for “Team Meetup” are featured on the site, along with those of the Board of Directors (if that’s something you’re interested in).

One thing I’m not so fond of: the site is not aesthetically inviting. In other words: BORING! But if this is their biggest problem then I think they’re doing pretty good.

Wow! In just reviewing all of this information I’m realizing what a robust resource this site is. I wonder if they have an “Orlando Blog” group? If not, perhaps we’ll start one…and rest assured we’ll let you know.

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