Sushi, or Not Sushi?

Amura imageWhile driving to work this morning I heard a radio advert for one of my favorite local restaurants, which inspired this post. I was actually planning on publishing a post about this place at some point in the future, but the radio spot was a good motivator to get it done more quickly. The place I’m speaking of is Amura Japanese restaurant.

One of the fantastic things about this local restaurant is its various locations, spread throughout the Central Florida area:

Amura Locations

For those sushi lovers, Amura’s extensive selection of rolls will probably have you deciding for a half-hour. It’ll surely be worth the wait, particularly when you see the presentation. Now, you’ll note I said “surely” because I myself don’t care for sushi. For those who share my taste–or lack thereof–there’s a diverse selection of traditional Japanese food. One of my personal favorites is chicken katsu.

A couple of things I’d recommend you keep-in-mind when dining at Amura, particularly if you plan on visiting the downtown location:

Lunch can be quite busy, especially on Fridays. Anticipate a wait, as well as a longer-than-one-hour outing.
Lunch is quite a bit more affordable than dinner. Dinner dishes average around $20 (not including cocktails).
Parking can be tricky, especially if you’re their specifically for lunch and you don’t work downtown.
The dining area is fairly small, so you may not be able to be accommodated if you have a really large group…or you just might not be able to all sit together.


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