So, Is It Still the “New Year”?

True to form, every “New Year” starts out with a fresh set of resolutions … lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more … you’ve heard (and resolved to master) them all.  I skipped the resolutions this year, but I’m always hoping to find more time for Health & Wellness. 

Surprisingly, Central Florida has TONS to offer in the way of activity to help achieve these goals. 

If you have $20 and a couple spare hours, my first recommendation is a canoeing trip through the Wekiva River.   

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Five bucks gets you entrance to  Wekiwa Springs State Park, which is situated just off of Wekiwa Springs Rd., easily accessed from I-4 and SR 434.  Another $15 gets you a canoe.   The waters are calm, the surroundings are serene and you can maneuver your way through the river in a couple hours.  For the more adventurous, choose the Rock Springs Run, it’s full of narrow passages and challenging paddles. 

A little advice though, if steering isn’t your thing, you’d better take a seat at the front of the canoe and work on Madonna-izing your arms by mastering the art of paddling! 

And, if that workout isn’t enough for your well-being, throw on your hiking boots and traverse through the 13 miles of trails this State Park offers, but don’t forget the trail map!!!

My only question: If it’s the WekiVa River, then why is it WekiWa Springs?!?! 

2 thoughts on “So, Is It Still the “New Year”?

  1. Kudos to you on your attempt of a clarification … that innate drive in me to rectify inconsistencies fights me every time I enter that wonderful little slice of ‘outdoors’ that is Wekiva/wa. I’m asking next time I pull up to enter that little haven; I’ll report any updates/explanations.

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